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A Guest in Rhonda’s Garden

A garden full of spring flowers is visited by a helpful guest

garden creak water feature surrounded by plants

Hi GPODers,

Today we’re in Rhonda’s garden in southeastern Pennsylvania. We’ve seen Rhonda’s garden a few times over the years (check out her earlier submissions: Rhonda’s Pennsylvania Garden, Fall in Rhonda’s Garden, and A Safe Garden Wedding in the Time of COVID), and it’s always a treat to see how the space evolves while continuing to thrive. She shared several spectacular spring scenes spring as well as a FANTASTIC picture of a guest that plays a helpful role in the garden.

small garden bed along a fenceWe can find the most exciting plants and vibrant blooms, and we can carefully craft the most compelling combinations, but Mother Nature has a way of making the most simple planting stunning. This small border bed against a simple fence was still coming into its spring color, but Rhonda captured the magical moment when that golden light made these plantings really glow.

garden bed with pink and blue flowersFarther along the fence is a frenzy of camassia in a fabulous pairing with (I think?) dwarf lilacs blooming behind.

garden creak water feature surrounded by plantsWater feature envy over here! The sound of streaming water in Rhonda’s garden must make it an absolutely serene space.

lilac and weeping redbud next to garden water featureThe stars at the edge of this water feature include a weeping redbud and a lilac.

How perfectly peachy tulips pair with the lilac heavy with blooms!

fox in gardenAnd there’s that fantastic garden guest I was teasing (anyone pick up on the subtle hint?)—a terribly cute fox that Rhonda says helps with the rabbits that make a meal of her garden. Looks like he’s diligently guarding this group of lambs’ ears (Stachys byzantina and cvs., Zones 4–8).

white peonies with blue baptisiaI love how Rhonda captured her garden from so many different angles. Here, baptisia is scrumptious against big, white peony blooms.

white peonies with red japanese mapleYet from another angle, the white peonies look equally elegant with a deep red Japanese maple backdrop.

sun rays through treesLastly is another shot Rhonda captured of Mother Nature’s work in the garden. There is much to see, but clearly also much to just enjoy in this magical space. Thanks for sharing this update, Rhonda!



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  1. bottlegreen 06/12/2024

    An enchanting, beautiful garden. And aren't you lucky to have such a guest!

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 06/12/2024

    Love your water feature!

  3. User avater
    simplesue 06/12/2024

    Your garden is very well designed, it has everything a garden needs. I also appreciate your choice of single petal peonies, I love the way they hold their flower heads up so well. The fox is gorgeous, although I feel sorry for the rabbits...but that's nature, and it can be cruel.
    All the same your garden looks so serene and peaceful, I really like it

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